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Discover all the richness of Provence - Follow the guide !

Come and see the true Provence, with its warm and sunny bright colors, its story “full of sound and fury” W. S.

A character 
Paul Cézanne's self-portrait.


A place
Chapel Saint-Gabriel near


An Artwork or A painting
Van Gogh - The gypsies' camp
near Arles.


As Guide Speaker of Provence I shall make you discover all the rich diversity of this magnificent region. Come to admire in my company, in family, group or individually, in three days, a day or a few hours, the various aspects of our beautiful region. Provence possesses an incredible pallet of historic and artistic sites; this region was shaped through major events but also through more intimate details which make its particularity as well as its charm.

Arles the roman, Nimes the Latin, Avignon the turbulent, Aix the wise as well as cities, towns and villages as Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Tarascon, the Baux-de-Provence, are the reflections of the great and short history of Provence.

I will adapt the nature and the duration of your visits to your needs as well as the time which you can devote it.

Allow me to Share with my knowledge of this magnificent region and of its history, the places, the key figures and events which contributed to shape this Provence.


3 days Circuit

On a three days circuit, you should take the time to discover Provence through three places, three different stories and three different architectures...

Suggestion :


These three places are different and complementary; I suggest you should discover them by respecting the chronology.

1 day Circuit

On a one day circuit, you will discover one of the aspects of Provence’s history...


And other places according to your curiosity.

Painting & Artists

-> a place
-> a technique
-> a story

It is an approach that will allow you to understand the spirit of these artists, their approach of their art and their choices.